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Fitzgerald Gallery



The Fitzgerald Art Gallery, located in the hallway between the Circulation area and the Referance area, was dedicated in recognition of services to the Warner Library by Gerald Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald was a trustee of the library from 1941-1969 and president of the trustees from 1953-1969.

In September of 2014 the Fitzgerald Gallery was renovated thanks to a generous donation by Richard and Janet Getler. It now features a modern hanging system, and is brighter and more functional. We also now have a secondary gallery in the stairwell leading down into the Children's Room.


In 2017 renovations on the third floor of the library were completed, and included gallery space in Room C for artists to display their work.


Each month, a different artist or group of artists showcase their work in the galleries. These artworks can range from traditional paintings and renderings to modern photography and abstracts, each reflecting the artist's personal style and perspective of the world.


Local artists are always welcome to inquire about utilizing the gallery spaces. Please read the Gallery Exhibits Policy and contact Cassandra Troini to schedule a display.


Some exhibit pieces are available for purchase. Please speak to the Reference desk to see if a price list is available. 


Exhibits of 2021

Artwork is often available for purchase. 10% of proceeds go to the Warner Library. Visit the Reference desk for a price list.


View Gallery Exhibits Online!

Susan Chavez

Bruce Jacovits


Display Case Exhibit

The display cases are at the front of the library by the Circulation desk. A rotating collection of artwork and unique items fill the cases each month.


July: Harry Potter Display

In-Library Gallery Exhibits




Main Gallery: Emily Denise

Stairwell Gallery: Vanessa Pineda Fox



Main Gallery: David Ray

Stairwell Gallery: Mittul Mishra & Tanya Shukla



Main Gallery: Seema Varma

Stairwell Gallery: Yona Gonen



Odyssey Art Center



Alice Soyer



Celebrate Black History Month!




Iris Jaffe




Anne Barschall



Steve Feldman




Nikki Angel