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Virtually Anyone Can Craft @ Home

Storytime Anytime: Simple Storytime related crafts @ Home...In case you missed Storytime Online

Virtualmente Cualquiera puede hacer Manualidades: Manualidades simples basadas en los cuentos en Casa

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Paper Sheep Puppet

Oveja/Títere de Papel

Use paper, stick, glue or tape, scissors and crayons.

Usa papel, palito, pega, tijeras y crayones.

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Traffic light with primary colors and secondary colors

Semáforo de colores primarios y secundarios

Use a shoe box cover, scissors, glue or tape and crayons.
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Green Grass Grows All Around song board

Cesped Verde Crecio 

Use paper, scissors, glue, tape and crayons or markers.
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Celebrate / Celebra Children's Day and Children's Books

Draw your favoirite book: Use pencils, crayons or markers to draw and write about your favorites books.
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Clouds of different shapes and sizes.

Nubes de diferentes tamaños. 

Draw and cut out clouds using pencils, crayons, paper, string, scissors to make a cloud mobile. 
Butterfly=Mariposa Draw a butterfly in a garden full of flowers. Use paper, pencils, or marker to make a habitat for the monarch butterfly. 

Greet the Day!

¡Saluda el Día!

Draw a picture of how you begin your day. Use paper and whatever materials you have around the house.

Go for a walk!

¡Vamos a Caminar!

Write a story telling us what you saw. You can write on paper or a computer. 

Count on Bugs! 

¡Cuenta con Insectos!

Count all the bugs you have seen outside. Draw it, write about it and tell about it!
 Who Hops? / ¿Cuáles son los animales que saltan?  List or draw the animals you know that hop. Use craft materials you have at home.
All Aboard! ¡Todos al Tren! Use your imagination to travel on a train. What are the sounds you hear? Create sounds of your own by using different objects around your home.
We All Count! ¡Todos Contamos! Draw a family picture using crayons or pencils and then count them out loud! 
Let's go to the Beach! ¡Vamos a la Playa! Build a sand castle using pillows and stuffed animals. 
Nursery Rhyme Time! ¡Hora de Rimas! Tell and Draw: Draw a portrait of a family member. Write a story about it.