Come visit the StoryWalk® at Warner nestled within the landscape all summer long! Follow the storyboards from 1 to 15 to read the featured story Quiet! by Kip Alizadeh. Keep an eye out for new stories coming soon…

What is a StoryWalk®? A StoryWalk® is a fun, free, interactive outdoor literature based activity for all ages.

Quiet! Sssh! Listen, what’s that noise? What can you hear when we’re really, really quiet? Each room in a house has different noises and in this book the text and visual clues help a child experience the home through sound.

What sounds do you hear at home? What does do you here outside? Listen actively as you read and walk through this story.

Co Sponsored by Warner Library, the Friends of the Library and Rotary Club of the Tarrytowns. Thank you for your partnership and continued support.

¡Venga a visitar el Camino de Cuento en la Biblitoeca!

¡Sssh! Escucha, ¿qué es ese ruido? ¿Qué puedes oír cuando estamos muy, muy callados? Cada habitación de una casa tiene ruidos diferentes y en este libro el texto y las pistas visuales ayudan al niño a experimentar el hogar a través del sonido. ¿Qué oyes en casa? ¿Qué oyes afuera? Escucha activamente mientras lees y recorres esta historia.