An M&M Night: The Moon and Mars with Joe Rao 12/5 @7pm

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This year during the overnight hours of December 7-8, the Moon will turn full and at almost the exact same time, the planet Mars will arrive at opposition – rising at sunset, peaking highest in the sky at midnight and setting at sunrise. 

Both celestial bodies will align in our skies in such a way, so that it will appear that the Moon will either cut directly in front of Mars and hiding it from our view, or, skim just above it, giving the impression that the Moon has an orange-red jewel shining just below it (it depends on exactly where you are located). Either way, it promises to be a most unusual sight! 

We’ll provide full details on how to observe this event and provide interesting details about our natural satellite and the mysterious red planet.

This program is a collaboration between Warner Library, Irvington Library and Ossining Library.