Bilingual Read Alouds:

Watch it here/Vea el video aquí. Tune in to our YT channel for our new bilingual read aloud series once or sometimes twice a month. Visita nuestro canal de YouTube para ver una serie bilingüe de libros leídos en voz alta.

9/14 One is a Piñata by Roseann Greenfield Thong – Perfect for a Fiesta!

10/21 The Nocturnals: The Peculiar Possum by Tracey Hecht – Being unique is cool!

10/26 Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale by Yuyi Morales – Your bones will rattle with laughter!

11/2 Green is a Chile Pepper by Roseann Greenfield Thong – Fall into the colors all around you in this colorful concept book.

12/ TBD

Past read alouds. / Historias leidas anterior.

8/3 Round is a Tortilla


A bilingual book of shapes read aloud. Un libro bilingüe sobre formas en voz alta.

7/12 K is for Kindness please email for the link to the video.