Wildflower Seed Workshop

In this class kids will help facilitator Rachael Sokolowski to create a seed ball mix which includes clay, soil, and water. Lastly, they will add wildflower seeds and roll them into small balls! These seed balls can be gently tossed or purposely placed in your yard or a pot. There is no need to bury them or to water them! Mother Nature will take care of the rest :).

Planting a variety of wildflowers in our yards and neighborhoods will support our local wildlife by providing nectar, pollen, and seeds for butterflies, insects, birds and other animals! Wildflowers tend to require less watering since they are lower maintenance, reduce air pollution, sequester carbon created by fossil fuels, provide shelter to wildlife and promote biodiversity!
Each child will go home with wildflower seed balls to plant! We hope that you can join us!

Sign up by emailing the Warner Library- warnerjuvprograms@gmail.com.