The Dogs of Chernobyl, 35 Years Later 12/2 @ 7pm

A Story of Hope and Resilience

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” Quandt’s humorous and lighthearted telling of his experience working with the dogs and the people who remain at the Chernobyl site is truly an emotional up-lifter. For those who ever wonder about how disasters affect animals in the long run, or if you just love dogs, this ones for you.”

35 years after the nuclear accident Stephen Quandt went to Chernobyl to participate in a spay/neuter and research campaign for the dogs that were descended from the pets left behind after the nuclear plant disaster of 1986.

With many personally shot photos and videos I tell my story of meeting the inhabitants of the mostly abandoned town of Chernobyl City. I will discuss (and show) radiation being detected including on some dogs and the impact of the environment on their lives. And you will even meet some inhabitants of the town of Slavutych which was built in the year following the accident to house the inhabitants of Pripyat after they were belatedly evacuated. It is a story of resilience, hope, life and even heroism. Q&A to follow.

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This program is a collaboration between Warner Library, Ossining Library, and Somers Library.